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Gladstone Black Sliding 1500 Screen Set

This product is unavailable for online purchase, please contact your nearest store for more information.

This item is considered bulky. Please Click Here to view more info on bulky goods.

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Delivery Info

Delivery rates and charges as set out in these terms and conditions are currently restricted to the A.C.T., New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

Due to prohibitive freight costs we do not quote any freight prices to the Northern Territory, Western Australia or Queensland upfront. We are more than happy to organise delivery by prior arrangement. Click here to contact us.


Online Purchases

For Online Purchases we categorise our product in two ways;

  1. Normal Product.
  2. Bulky Goods (BG).

Normal Product

For normal product the process is very easy and straightforward. Add it to your cart and buy it. Freight will be calculated automatically for you and will be included in the total price at the checkout. We run one easy policy for this product, $15 per delivery or free delivery for orders over $150. Easy as that. We only use the normal reputable delivery agents. Generally this is Australia Post.

Bulky Goods

Bulky goods will be clearly labelled within the product description on our online store. In fact you will not be able to complete a transaction that includes BG without us quoting freight and/or contacting you.

Bulky Goods (BG) are classed as such for two main reasons;

  1. They are bulky and/or fragile and therefore difficult and/or expensive to transport,
  2. They may be technical in nature or have a number of options available.

This means that we are going to contact you prior to sale to ensure that you get the best possible freight for your circumstances and/or the best possible product for your circumstances. Options for freight of BG include;

  • Store pick up (which is free).
  • Store delivery (see details below).
  • Third party freight at the expense of the customer. Harper’s Bathroom will facilitate as best we can.

Store Delivery - Terms and Conditions

Harper’s Bathroom does not operate a delivery business. Any delivery provided by the company is solely aimed at covering the direct expense.

There is NO CHARGE for in store pickups!

Delivery is charged at the simple rate of $50 per team member per half hour, or part thereof. If the product requires a two man lift, with no able bodied assistance at the place of delivery, two team members will need to attend and therefore the price will be reflective.

If arrangement has been made for an able bodied person to assist at the place of delivery, and they are not there, or not able bodied, the product will be deemed delivered and returned to the store. Further arrangements will then need to be made at the expense of the purchaser.

Harper’s Bathroom cannot know the circumstances of your delivery. Harper’s Bathroom staff will not perform unsafe lifts. It will be at the discretion of the deliverer to determine the safety of the situation on site. It is up to the individual customer to make Harper’s Bathroom aware of any unusual or unexpected circumstances that may prevent delivery. For example;

  • Inaccessible properties.
  • Unsafe work sites
  • Unrestrained pets/animals
  • Staircases

An ordinary delivery will consist of placement of goods at the most appropriate and accessible site within 10 metres of the delivery vehicle. Each step of a staircase would count as 1 metre.

Harper’s Bathroom will accept no responsibility for damage to a customer’s property under any circumstances.

Harper’s Bathroom will not leave product without an authorised person accepting, and signing for it. Non acceptance will result in the product being returned to the store. If due to defective or incorrect products, re-delivery will be free of charge. Otherwise, delivery will be deemed to have been made. Further arrangements will be at the expense of the purchaser.

Harper’s Bathroom does not provide removal of any items from a customer’s premises.

Harper’s Bathroom will do their best to be punctual. However, delivery times are a target only. Harper’s Bathroom neither promises nor accepts any responsibility for variance, major or minor. The customer shall not be relieved of any obligation to accept or pay for goods by reason of any delay in delivery.

Harper’s Bathroom does not have an out of hours or weekend delivery service. Deliveries can be organized between the hours of 9:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Individual stores may vary.

Harper’s Bathroom welcomes customer’s efforts to use other courier services. Harper’s Bathroom accepts no further liability for damage to product after acceptance by a third party carrier. Harper’s Bathroom requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for collection of goods from a third party courier. Outwards goods operate between the hours of 9:30 and 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Harper’s Bathroom may at its own discretion refuse loading to third parties outside of these conditions. Harper’s Bathroom is not responsible for the organization of third party courier services.