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Here at Harper's Bathroom, our mission statement is clear:


 "To make people happy in their bathroom"


Everything that defines our company is orientated in a way that allows us to achieve this mission. We believe that our focus on putting the customer first not only makes us the best choice in the industry, but a retail company that always has your best interests in mind. Whether it's our high quality, affordable and readily available product, or our ability to deliver top customer service, we aim to make sure that your shopping experience with us is a happy one.


What do we do?

We only sell quality product that works the way it was designed to work. If we wouldn't buy it for our own homes, we won't sell it. You can be sure that every single item in our showroom has been specifically chosen for a reason and anything that doesn't meet our harsh criteria never reaches our floor.  We carry a large amount of stock. Our generously sized warehouses allow for customers to have stock put aside for a time, with a deposit, for those people who aren't quite ready for it. We understand that customers need confidence and flexibility, and that's what we aim to provide.

Our highly competent staff members are well taught in all areas of the plumbing industry. We don't want to sell you anything that you don't want and, more importantly, something that won't work in your particular installation. By providing accurate and specific knowledge and advice, we want to help you make the best choice you can, not make the choice for you. All our staff members are chosen for their excellent interpersonal skills and their shared passion in our mission. We want to make sure that you get the help you need when you need it.

We Import high quality bathroom fittings in bulk to make our prices competitive.  We also manufacture locally to ensure individual, custom products with sustainable materials.


How do we do it?

We want to give you access to high quality, readily available product.  Even with our online presence, we would always encourage you to see the product first hand before making a decision if possible. 

We work hard to give you the lowest prices that we can. Many things in the industry can affect our pricing. Through our method of bulk purchasing, we aim to get stock to each of our stores while passing through as little amount of hands as possible. By cutting out certain links in the supply chain, we also cut out added costs which directly affects the final price that we can offer. The brands that we deal with are through suppliers that we trust. We do not believe in stocking products that do not meet our standards of quality and value. With us, you always get what you pay for. 

You should always feel like a member of staff is there to help the customer, not themselves. It's with this in mind that no team member, at any of our stores, works on a commission based salary system. Whether or not you choose to buy product from us or not, we pay our staff what they are worth, not how much they put through at the register. This means that when one of our employees offers you help, they genuinely want to help. Each and every customer that walks through our doors should be able to trust the person helping them and not worry that their lack of knowledge might be taken advantage of. Our staff are ready to share their advice and experience with anyone who needs it and with our thorough training, they know what they're talking about.

Harper's Bathroom is changing the way the plumbing industry operates, by providing you the service that you deserve. Whether you are changing over a toilet or building a house, everyone deserves a shopping experience that remains as stress free as possible and keeps you within your budget. We hope that when the time comes, you'll remember our mission statement and let us show you how Harper's Bathroom can help you be happy in your bathroom.