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Never Drill Again


Here at Harper’s we probably harp on about Never Drill Again a lot. But we can’t help it! We’re always on the lookout for innovative ideas and this is one that blows us away.

Never Drill Again, known as Nie Wieder Bohren in its homeland of Germany, is the biggest non-drill accessory range in Europe and it’s taking the world by storm. America’s biggest hardware store, Home Depot, stocks it as “No Drilling Required”, and finally this product is available in Australia.

So it’s popular, but what is it?

Started by a German plumber who asked himself why there was no fast, clean, strong alternative to drilling into tiles, natural stone, concrete, glass or metal. The Never Drill Again range of products is the result.

Using an adhesive, common in the automotive and aviation industry, the German Nie Wieder Bohren created a patented fixing system (see bracket above) that attaches to any load bearing surface (think tiles, glass, wood, concrete, metal) with the strength of a traditional screwed in fixture, in a system that takes about thirty seconds to apply.

In a world where half of the cost to a build is in labour, a quick alternative to the time-consuming ordeal of drilling through tiles can be worth literally thousands of dollars.

And for the plumbers and builders out there; say goodbye to expensive diamond tipped drill bits, and the slow, risky process of drilling through the porcelain tiles that you spent days getting perfectly aligned.

Does it work?

Testing has shown that one small 34mm bracket is able hold at right angles up to 240kg short term or 40kg permanently! If you don’t believe us, take a look at this video (skip to 1:52 to see a man doing chin ups off one of their grab rails!)

Can it be removed?

Strength and ease withstanding, where Never Drill Again beats traditional fixtures is in its ability to be removed with literally no trace it was ever there.

As resistant as it is to sheer force, removal is made simple with a pair of long handled multi-grips and a twisting motion. Any leftover glue is able to be removed with a paint scraper and some acetone, leaving you with tiles that look as brand new as the day you moved in.


Shipped from a 65,000 square foot factory in Germany to our distribution centre based in Geelong, Never Drill Again aims to make it easy for builders, tilers, and the everyday handyman to use strong, permanent accessories that won’t loosen over time like traditional screws.

 With nine ranges of fixtures available, from toilet roll holders to shower rails, and everything in between, the only reason you haven’t been using Never Drill Again, is that you didn’t know it existed!

Check out the ranges at their website or instore at Harper’s Bathroom to see just how strong they are.