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Eight Hundred Thousand Vanity Combinations!

Date: 21-Jun-2017


51 different basin and sink mixers including 5 different colours!
12 ranges of three piece tapware including 6 different colours!
5 types of standard tops, with 5 colours other than white, and two more exciting colours of stone coming mid July!
28 different ceramic basins, including 3 new styles coming early July!
20 fantastic styles of vanities in different sizes!

With all of those possible options there are close to eight hundred thousand possible combinations for your bathroom vanity! These are pictures of just eleven!

And I haven't even mentioned our huge range of toilets, shower screens, baths, shower heads, bath spouts, towel rails and fixtures. Not to mention one of the biggest ranges of bathroom furniture, towels, and accessories to style your bathroom exactly how you want it!

White, Black, Gold, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Timber, Modern, Traditional, Round, Square, and everything in between!

We have something for every bathroom and every budget!